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Step-by-step instructions on How to make a Cryptocurrency Scam

Disclaimer: Do not repeat at home. The article was created to teach you how to quickly recognize crypto scams, knowing how they work from the inside.

Why must you know how to create a scam cryptocurrency? To quickly determine from a project that it is a scam and not become its victim!

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate process of crafting a cryptocurrency scam, providing step-by-step instructions to highlight the methods used by malicious actors. By dissecting these tactics, readers will gain invaluable insights into recognizing and avoiding potential pitfalls, ultimately fortifying themselves against financial deception in the digital age.

Also, we will cover the following questions:

  • Why are you more likely to make money on a financial pyramid than on a crypto scam?
  • Why the price of a coin is a marketing ploy.
  • How to come up with a name for your crypto scam.
  • Why you shouldn't bother with quality.
  • And why, even knowing all the mechanisms of how to make your scam cryptocurrency, you most likely will not be able to scam people.

Will this guide have conclusions? Do you need them? Moreover, to create your own Scam Coin, you do not need to be a technical specialist. All you need is money.

Briefly About the Dangers of Scam Coins

Its biggest danger is the uncertainty that comes from marketing. In general, in simple words, we know for sure that this is a scam. We know for sure that after the full listing stage, it will fall. But if the marketing pump were very large, then for a short period after listing, the project could take off.

And this “could take off” is the most dangerous thing, which forces people, who clearly understand that this is a scam, to “look for multiple profits, and run and run and buy everything that I see, everything that I hear.”

In reality, any scam coin is not even a pyramid. There's no profit there. All money is determined solely by the desire to buy/sell at the stated price. This is what happens when a market is unregulated and dominated only by “technical” pricing factors rather than “fundamental” ones.

But the output is always the same. A coin goes on some listing, and everyone runs to sell it. It's falling in price. And he dies. Unlike financial pyramids, there is no real chance to make money. And there is no window in which everything grows. Just a window where everything falls.

Capitalization in Crypto Scam and Why It Is Important

Shortly before capitalization, the storage of coins is possible. Another point is that my translation to the head - to the succession of a cognate.

If you are in any crypto channels (no matter the quality), you often hear about this thing. Well, person X bought Y coins for a dollar, at a price of 0.000000000001 per coin. Now the coin is worth 0.00001, and the man has become a millionaire. We offer you an airdrop of coin Z, which is now priced at 0.0000000000000001. And earn millions from the further pump.

And at the same time, stories can be quite real. But they are doing a dangerous thing. They form correct conclusions from false statements.

The correct conclusion: to make money on cryptocurrency, it is not necessary to buy an expensive coin; you can buy one that costs a billionth of a cent.

False statement: If we buy a currency at a price of a billionth of a cent, at a discount through an airdrop, we will definitely make our own X's. After all, cryptocurrency doesn’t have to cost a dollar or millions later.

The catch is in capitalization. Cryptocurrency grows in price because money is frozen in it (capitalization increases), and whether it is all divided into 100 coins, 1000 coins, or 10^12 coins is absolutely not important.

How Much Money Should You Prepare To Make a Cryptocurrency Scam?

For crypto scam, we need around 5000 USD.

  • $1 to mint a coin. (if we do it on BEP-20, if on something else, then it can be cheaper)
  • $5,000 for marketing.

But it depends more on the market you want to enter. Therefore, Let's leave expense items, but will not indicate specific figures. Partly because some things can be done independently.

  • Coinage. (depends on what we will mint on)
  • Website creation. From free, to buying a good domain, and creating something that will look unsuspicious and cool.
  • Writing white paper and “legal” documentation. From “0” (went to Google, copied the nearest project, changed names) to “lots and lots of money.” (Hired a specialist, and came up with a legend. We came up with technology and hired a copywriter).
  • Advertising. No matter how much you invest, it won't be enough.

What should advertising do? It should help you find greedy people who have a superficial understanding of cryptocurrency, who have some money, and who will bring this money to you.

Come Up With a Name for the Project: This Is Important!

Let's do it this way. If you and I were making a serious product, then you would do what you wanted. In such rubbish as scam, we need:

  1. Hit the associations.
  2. Strike on trust.
  3. Believe that your investors are stupid enough.

This means we can use one of two approaches.

  1. We either take some association familiar to crypto enthusiasts - Moon, Doge, Safe, money, Market, Rich. We hang it with suffixes and prefixes, and we get a chic naming.
  2. The second option is even simpler. We take a name that is known to everyone (which already has a limit of trust) and add suffixes to it.

Minting Crypto Coins for Fraud

To mint crypto coins for fraudulent purposes, the initial step is to locate a website that facilitates the creation of crypto tokens.

Step 1: Find a Site Where We Can Create a Crypto Token

Once found, proceed by clicking on the "Create Token" option.

Step 2: Click on Create Token. Select the Blockchain Based on Which You Want To Create a Token

At this juncture, you'll be prompted to select the blockchain on which you wish to generate your token. This pivotal decision determines the underlying technology and framework for your fraudulent coin.

Step 3: Come Up With Options for Your Token

Number of coins. Can it burn? Transaction fee? Retention reward. You can even create your own NFT if you wish...

Voila! You have your own cryptocurrency! The price of gas and the cost of creation can be found there.

Okay, just a few more steps left.

Step 4: Create Billions of Wallets

Why do we need so many wallets? We will send our coins to them. To hide that there is only one owner. And then, with the help of these coins, we can do what? Right! Pump and dump prices when a market forms.

So, you have a coin (it is advisable to make it so that it is divided into hundred thousand five hundred million parts because then we will say that it is very cheap, and it is very easy to make X's on it).

We have camouflage wallets. All that remains is to find an exchange for listing.

Step 5: Find an Exchange To List the Coin.

Do you know any scams for sure? See what exchanges they are traded on and go there. Come to this exchange. Go through the listing without an audit. Well, if you want to create “the appearance of active trading of your cryptocurrency on an exchange,” you can spend a couple of dollars and transfer money between your wallets within this exchange. At the same time, accelerates the price and increases liquidity. After all, you are still moving money between your own wallets. The only thing is that you will have to pay a commission from the exchange itself.

There is nothing to do with large exchanges. At the very least, to get there, you need to pass an audit. And for this, you need to have brains. Time to waste. Spend money. Do we need it?

Creating a Promotion Content for Crypto Scam

Well, the coin has been created. We'll be promoting it soon. But before you start promoting you need to:

  • Come up with a legend.
  • Make White Paper
  • Draw a RoadMap (well, where would we be without it)
  • Come up with a team.
  • Develop a beautiful offer.

And also come up with marketing hooks, develop a content marketing strategy... and a bunch of other things... Or... you can... give up on everything... And just steal information from your nearest competitor.

The main secret: when you copy documents, design, and white paper. Don't forget about the magic keyboard shortcut CTRL+F, and clean up the names and references to the original. Otherwise, it will be awkward, and then you have to make excuses to all your investors.

All jokes aside, a good marketer who, for example, worked at the peak of the paper ICO, can write you WP and MK, which you can’t find fault with but I’m afraid such a marketer will cost more than launching 3-4 inferior crypto projects. Therefore, we take a competitor (if he is not yet a scammer, then he is generally ideal) and copy everything we need. We violate all copyrights that we can... And... Done!

Create a Website for Crypto Scam

We will not promote any specific courses or articles to you. We'll just give you a tip.

Read articles on the Internet about landing pages and how they work. Look at examples of good pages (there are generally 2023 designs, some things have changed, so try to look for the latest guides).

Based on that information (about triggers, block placement, landing page logic, lead magnets, etc.) develop your website.

Why is it important? Because a good landing page will give you a head start in time before your project falls. Plus, all this marketing research needs to be done only once, and then produced for all subsequent crypto scam projects.

How to Promote Cryptocurrency Scam

The most important thing in your business. This is advertising and its payback.

All in all. Let's remember our legend. We take it in our hands and go through Telegrams, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. And we’re trying to push it to influencers everywhere. Moreover, the ideal option would be if you can pay for it with your coins (supposedly, our project is so promising, our coins will cost millions, here are 3 coins for you, you will be the richest).

Well, you also need to improve your social skills. Create your own Instagram, and boost it. Twitter. Facebook, Telegram maybe. This is part of the expenses where you will have to pay money.

In general, the only expense item is advertising.

Reputation Management: Creating an Account That People Trust

We talked a lot about buying bloggers for your “shitcoins”, but... A hamster needs a reputation. You can’t paint a reputation as a blogger. But it can be drawn on large areas:

  • Reddit.
  • Linkedin.
  • Telegram.
  • Discord.

The crypto enthusiast audience loves Reddit. And they are not shy about outright scams, pumps, and dumps here either.

A striking example is r/Cryptomoonshots: 1.9 million subscribers. Created by crypto traders, for crypto traders, for crypto trading. Just kidding, crypto pumping.

There, the subreddit has a story about how they liked how r/wallstreetbets consolidated and pumped up shares of GameStop, a gaming disc rental company, by 28,500%.

In order not to load - everything is simple. Smart people saw that they could pump a low-liquidity asset on a regulated market... and it would fly up. What if you do this in an unregulated market?

Actually, that’s how CryptoMoonShots was born, and he’s not the only one. We have about 50 more large subreddits, for example: CryptoCurrencyTrading, SatoshiStreetBets, Shitcoinmoonshots, Cryptostreetbets, with a total number of subscribers exceeding 15 million.

Yes, yes, we all already understand that Reddit is great for any task. And especially for promoting any scam.

But it’s not enough to know where... You need to know how!

If you just register and start posting “how cool you are and what a cool crypto you have,” then the result will be. After all, zero is also a number, and “no” is also a result!

To scam effectively. Need an account with:

  • from 1 year of age.
  • fasting with karma from 2000.
  • a comment with karma 100.
  • and preferably with a CryptoMoonShots (CMS) marker to be sure that he can post on CryptoMoonShots without being banned there.

For what? To get your post out of the sandbox and into the main subreddits.

How much will it cost? At $50 per account. And remember that you need a couple of reserve accounts for experiments.

It’s not enough to create a post. It would be better to promote it. Reddit is a larger platform, and so that all sorts of “smart guys” and “scammers” don’t spin things up and raise old topics, then every hour the weight of the voice decreases by 2. So what? You need to turn it in right away, quickly, and within the first hour.

Of course, I don’t need it myself, a friend asked me... in short, do you want to spin a scam, or just raise your self-esteem after you have been bombarded with feces by minuses, then write to Google buy Reddit upvotes and select any popular service for boosting votes (upvotes ) on Reddit (preferably for crypto subreddits), and get 300-500 upvotes, depending on the competition. We managed to get votes in the first hour and made it to the top 1.

So, for $35-$70 we get to the top 1 of the subreddit with 1,900,000 subscribers. If you get a lot of eyes, someone will convert.

What Conclusions Can Be Drawn?

Our task was to show the inside out. And maybe this will save some newbies from a simple scammer. After all, if a professional targets you, this reverse side will not help you...

Why? Yes, because the article describes a basic scheme, not covered by anything, which is easy to calculate by eye. Experienced scammers act more cunningly and skillfully, and can lead circles of people for years...

Are all crypto projects a scam? No. Some have technology behind them. Some use utility tokens, and all the advantages that decentralization and blockchain allow. But for the most part, everything you see, everything that is actively advertised, and everything that they offer to make money on, is most likely a scam...

May 8, 2024
May 8, 2024