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Overview of Avanza Bank AB

Avanza Bank AB is a digital bank operating in Sweden, catering primarily to private customers. The bank is committed to minimizing charges for its customers while simultaneously providing more cost-effective and straightforward financial products. Avanza Bank AB's services include deposits, loans, and securities trading

Avanza Bank AB

Bussiness Focus

The main direction(s) in which it works Avanza Bank AB is/are Direct Retail Banking

Founded in the Country

The country of origin in which the Avanza Bank AB was initiated is Sweden

Year of Foundation and Age

Avanza Bank AB was founded in 1999, 25 Years Old

Company Number

Official company number of Avanza Bank AB in the founding country is 556573-5668

Guarantee Fund

Avanza Bank AB is a participant in the guarantee fund Swedish National Debt Office (SNDO)

Protected Amount

If insolvency of Avanza Bank AB occurs, your eligible deposits would in any case be repaid up to 950,000 SEK

Guarantee Fund Protected Depositors

Types of Avanza Bank AB accounts that are protected by Guarantee Fund

  1. donePrivate Individuals
  2. doneLegal Entities
  3. doneDeposits in All Types of Accounts


You can contactAvanza Bank AB using the details below

  2. +46-08-562-250-00
  3. Regeringsgatan 103, 111 39, Stockholm, Sweden